Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Radiohead - In Rainbows

It's here! In your ears!

A hiatus shall be had. I'm fairly sure posting about an album whilst only on the third track is silly.

It takes at least a few whirls through to really get comfortable with something.

But yes.

First thoughts all?

I'm dreading reading reviews. Bleurgh.


Mulrine said...

In addition.

I had the longest rant about the frenzy surrounding In Rainbows last night. Was physically shaking. Apparently it was fairly intelligent.

But needless to say I may leave my comment at that, unless begged to write up my rant. As my friend tried.


Oh do please write up the rant.. it would be great to read I am sure ! *hopes, prays*

Mulrine said...

On your request I shall attempt to write up the rant I had.

No promises though.

Thanks for the love!