Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Radiohead - In Rainbows

It's here! In your ears!

A hiatus shall be had. I'm fairly sure posting about an album whilst only on the third track is silly.

It takes at least a few whirls through to really get comfortable with something.

But yes.

First thoughts all?

I'm dreading reading reviews. Bleurgh.


Mulrine said...

In addition.

I had the longest rant about the frenzy surrounding In Rainbows last night. Was physically shaking. Apparently it was fairly intelligent.

But needless to say I may leave my comment at that, unless begged to write up my rant. As my friend tried.

Anonymous said...

Oh do please write up the rant.. it would be great to read I am sure ! *hopes, prays*

Mulrine said...

On your request I shall attempt to write up the rant I had.

No promises though.

Thanks for the love!