Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bloc Party


The ability to articulate anything is failing. As if the single wasn't bad enough.


Colin said...

A generation intellectually and sonically combusts, turning in on itself, and leaves post-post-punk behind in search of new-nu rave or some other such fashionable-less entity... oh dear me... I am disappointed :(

PS, And the video is a Beastie Boys 'Blue Peter' style off-cut, right?

Mulrine said...

Me too. Sounds like they've been hanging around with, I was going to say 'wrong type of people', but, no, more, 'people who don't aid their musical progression'. Just kind of side-track it.

A far cry from the much-loved Silent Alarm.

PS Yea, but at least there aren't any undercurrents of romance or bad dancing by huge robots.

PPS I actually love that video for Intergalactic.

Paul said...

My ears are causing me pain.... cut them off. cut them off.

By the way... Beastie Boys - Intergalactic video much?

oh, someone's mentioned that bit... i'm still saying it.

Anonymous said...

This is bad, real real bad, I saw It a while ago and its just all very wrong in my book ! *has a bad dream*

Tommoyo said...

The intro to this reminds me of the Sportsday Megaphone Rumble Strips remix, which i love.

Then i get depressed when i realise it's Bloc Party.