Monday, 1 October 2007

The new Radiohead album..


The countdown begins.

10th October.

Download through their website. You choose the price you pay.

Optional boxset thing that looks divine. That is more expensive. So that might be a begged Christmas present.

What is a fair price to pay for the download only? I'm poor but I'd feel like I was cheating a deity if I didn't expend a decent amount. Suggestions? What will you pay? We can all come to some sort of consensus on this it help the collective conscience.

Dead Air Space.


Anonymous said...

I'd pay a king's ransom.

Or about 10/11 pound.

Mulrine said...

But I am rather poor. I don't Radiohead would like me spending money I can't afford to.

Would they?

Tommoyo said...

Hey Mulrine/Steph,

thanks for commenting on/linking to my blog. You are now officially a friend of the Hermit.

I've been quite lazy with the posting recently but this Radiohead thing might get me working again.

Is it fair to pay a pound to download the album if you're going to buy the Discbox? I think that's my plan.

Mulrine said...

Sounds good. Not sure I can stretch to the discbox. Much to my dismay.

Would £5.52 be okay to pay? Seeing as my minimum wage part-time job has gone up slightly? Thats an hour of false smiles.

Pop Cultureddd hearts Eclectic Hermet.

Anonymous said...

Im on my arse, but gladly paid for the discbox

You know so many people are going to rip the piss out of the free download, so I think buying the discbox is the least I can do to make up for the massive amount of people who are going to freeload wether they have enough money or not .

Anonymous said...

Oh Mulrine ps, I think 5.25 is just fine :) Just fine :)

Mulrine said...

Yea, I paid £5.52. So I'm all prepared for when its available.

I think its going to be interesting to see what happens. I bet other bands will be watching closely.