Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Editors gig..

The first picture from last Thursday night's (18/10/07) Editors' gig at the Carling Academy in Newcastle.

Editors have always had a certain appeal to me. Even seeing them when Ten Feet Tall hosted them at Empire, waaaaaay back when. All said though, it was a pretty rubbish gig then, about 20 people in the crowd, Editors were late coming on stage, obviously not happy, played a short 20 minute set and left. As disappointing as it had been I enjoyed the time they were on stage. So having seemed to miss every tour or festival appearence they had made for about the past two and a half years I was looking forward to last Thursday.

The Back Room for me deserved all the praise it received in 2005. It fitted perfectly with my temperment to become the soundtrack to my mental breakdown of the time. As apprehensive as I was about An End Has A Start this year, and with my initial reaction to it being "Tom's vocals sound like Danny McNamara!!", I grew to love what is obviously a very different album from their debut, with feelings that the progression fans would have liked to hear from them not happening and a slightly more mainstream sound being adopted.

Having not been to the Carling Academy since Doves in 2005 I was pleasantly suprised by the venues capacity to home a lot of people comfortably. We walked in to see the end of the Ra Ra Riot, who didn't really find their flow til their last song, bit too late.

Queue Editors:

Shockingly energetic. Pounding through their recognisable tracks from the latest album. Crowd never missing a word. Yet, something not quite right. Slight dischord here, accidental changes in tempo there, mismatching of sync of band members.

"Maybe they are drunk" suggests Paul.
"I don't think so, you know when you are watching a drunk band. The Aliens?" I reply.
"Yea. You're right."

Thrashing out some of the highlights of The Back Room and utterly enthrawling the crowd, if somewhat haphazardly in places. Let's get this straight though. In the main, they were great, fantastic, a lot better than I had ever anticipated. But the musicianship and communication of the band members let them down somewhat.

This makes it especially hard to pass comment on all the new material they featured. One in particular had an incredibly atonal first chorus, and not in a cool-Cut-Copy-atonal kind of way, just atonal and wrong. But if I'm honest I really did like the sound of the new stuff. Sorry I can't name titles of songs, but, meh, I was at a gig.

The only other disappointment of the night? Missing The Kissaway Trail. Definately worth a look.


F4F said...

The new Editors album completely washed over me.
Love your blog, by the way.

Colin said...

Great review and pics. Have seen them play twice now in Glasgow, once in a small venue (the Garage) and the other in a warehouse (the SECC - took eldest small person to see Franz...) and both times, I have to say, their enthusiasm and passion really got to me (plus, it must be noted, their version of Stereolab's 'French Disko' is stunningly-fucking-good!). But... always a but... the new album just floated - it never hit me in the face (e.g. like 'Fingers in the Factories' did - what a set closer that song was/still is?). Clearly a song inspired by Marx and Engels and their critque of capitalist modes of production? :)

Mulrine said...

Oh! Bloody hell!

I forgot to credit Paul with the pictures. Yea, he did 'em.

F4F - ~blushes~

I like the recent album, but it has to be said, it certainly has the feel of one very long song rather than the changability of The Back Room. I think a couple of profound lyrics probably got me. That and my obsessive desire to be Edith Boman.

Yes! Colin, that is brilliant. I had to put the song on this morning, bleary-eyed and head full of odd dreams, and then Marxist lyrics brought me round. Ha! I'm rubbish at spotting such wonders.