Saturday, 20 October 2007

Lazy lovin'..

From Pop Cultureddd to those wonderous duo who spur me on over the pond at Disco Nap.

As if it is not enough that they are championing pop, DJing for the lucky NY-er's, truly delicious on the eye and deftly writing quite brilliantly, no, as if this was not already enough they are bringing you lots of Simian Mobile Disco treats.

Pop Cultureddd is very much in love with Disco Nap. The distance is the only pain Pop Cultureddd feels in this twisted blog-loving.

Get over there and tell them how much you love them!


Colin said...

Quite impressive, though the site could push the English folk revival scene a little more. It isn't *always* about BPM you know... :)

Mulrine said...

Ha ha.

Yes, I know. I am told that often. Sometimes I'm just too eclectic for my own good.


I wish.