Monday, 8 October 2007

Q Awards

And so it is that another ever-baffling, descending into complete madness Q Awards ceremony has apparently taken place.

To be honest the confusion that one goes through reading the winners its not surprising that those attending the event will probably take advantage of the free bar in a bid to intoxicate oneself enough to not even care what the fuck is actually going on.

Boasting 18 awards.. hang on.. 18? Eighteen? EIGHTEEN?!

A magazine that over the years and has lost its way. I think when looking at the sorts of awards they are now handing out that they should really consider shutting it down and putting the money and vacancies created into some sort of youth rehabilitation scheme, starting with, well, the cast of Skins who so aptly sum up our current rebellion to 'all that indie'.

Anyone else surprised it didn't turn into yet another list? Top 50 three-piece bands. Top 50 Swedish solo artists. Top 50 books about Joy Division. Top 50 songs with the words Q magazine is a lazy hacks dream in them. Fuck me.

Awards Included:

  • Q Icon - Paul McCartney
  • Q Idol - Kylie Minogue
  • Q Legend - Ian Brown
  • Q Hero - Anthony H. Wilson
  • Q Inspiration Award - Damon Albarn
  • Q Classic Songwriter - Billy Bragg
  • Q Lifetime Achievement - Johnny Marr
  • Q Merit Award - Ryan Adams

They'll regret creating all those in a few years.

  • Q Classic Album - The Verve - Urban Hymns
  • Q Classic Song - Stereophonics - Local Boy In The Photograph

Because obviously there is not enough fresh talent to reward. Or something.

  • Q Innovation in Sound - Sigur Ros

(Possibly well deserved, but also...) probably the most idiotic award ever.

A lot of people take pride in dilligently using their initiative, dynaism and intellect to make something exciting and engaging with comment, opinion and journalism with regards to music in the 21st Century.

Who is up for forming a revolution and storming the offices of Q and reclaiming coherent and stimulating music journalism?


James said...

All good points, well put. Q's been dead in the water for years in terms of both its relevance and influence that these awards mean absolutely jack-shit both to those who win them and those who vote.

There is "coherent and stimulating" music journalism around. It's on blogs. Just not mine. That would be "incoherent and deadening".

Mulrine said...

Those awards were handed out just to get old rockers to turn up to collect them. No one under 30 works at Q anyway. Lists help the senile.

"Incoherent and deadening"?! Silly fool that you are.

paul said...

Obviously they have so many awards just so they can, as you pointed out, make lists. The top 10 moments from the ceremony etc. then the ultimate Top 100 award moments of the past 5 years or something.

Q's crap. Everyone knows that.

Boo them.

For a more quality publication, check out Lifestyle Magazine - winner of the North East Magazine of the Year :D