Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Arcade Fire gig..

You may think me cynical to be wholly prepared for a disappointing experience when seeing Arcade Fire at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena last night (29/10/07). Now before you jump out of your skin in outrage let me assure you that in no way, shape or form did I think that Arcade Fire themselves would be disappointing. No, of course not. I've been lucky enough to experience their shining brilliance before.

But the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena? I was skeptical about the venue. Having seen Arcade Fire in the renowned Brixton Academy in March this year and having gone to a fair few gigs at Newcastle Arena (back when it was called something else because the money was coming from elsewhere) I just couldn't help but worry.

And certainly, right now, I'd love this to be the point where I proclaim that I need not have worried. But I was right. And in fact, more than right.

The sound was appalling. Like, I'm not going to bother holding back here, someone wants to be ashamed of themselves. Anyone accountable for that should be severely reprimanded.

I saw Arcade Fire in March and was blown away by the quality of the sound. Every bow of the violins, every breath into the mic, every tinkle of the glockenspiel was picked up and the sound that entered your ears was divine. Last night was like a tinny car stereo turned up too loud. If you weren't familiar with every lyric of Arcade Fire before? Yea, don't expect to be anymore enlightened after that.

It was like viewing an amazing band in a bubble, a parallel universe. The worst thing was that people paid good money for that, it may possibly be their only opportunity to see a band like them and thats what they get. Coupled with the fact that Arcade Fire are actually life-changingly good live...

I'd definately think twice before ever going to another gig at the Metro Radio Arena. There are just too many facts that point to a severe let-down by someone else.

But all in all. What more can I say? Obviously Arcade Fire were amazing. There is almost no point in reviewing the band themselves because it goes without saying, hence the lack of words. Spectacular. Glorious. A beacon of hope in my troubled little world. Arcade Fire. Always are and for the forseeable future always will be.


Colin said...


have you read toad's review of the secc AF gig? similar issues re; aircraft hanger venues...

i have bad memories of the newcastle metro place and a certain radiohead gig... not pleasant, and no fault of the band.

i now have a policy of only going to venues that hold less than 3,000 people or so, no matter who/what band (ideally, less than 1,000 actually)

but then i'm a grumpy old bastard who likes both his space and his 'unknown' bands...


Mulrine said...

Yea, I read it. Shame that it in that case will have effected the whole tour I suppose.

Its been a while since I've been to a large scale gig. Probably Muse or Oasis but then they have the sound that suits venues like that.

Definately with you on the grumpy 'unknown' front.

Tommoyo said...

My mate was at the Newcastle gig and thought it amazing but he's not used to seeing live bands so the sound problems probably didn't register with him.

Crystal Castles were ridiculously good, i'm gonna post the review as soon as i can put it into words.

Mulrine said...

Yea. A friend of mine had taken his Dad and afterwards sent me a message saying he said that he could die happy now.

Glad you enjoyed Crystal Castles!

My pictures from that were 99% blurry ones.