Wednesday, 10 October 2007

David E. Sugar

It is all about the 8-bit funk. And sometimes thats all you want. You wake up, bleary-eyed, dry mouth, body screaming for caffeine and mind totally focused on the aforementioned 8-bit funk.

So all behold, David E. Sugar. I even like the cockney using 'E.', more people should do it.

I am belatedly loving Oi Oi New York This Is London. Absolute masterpiece. Buy it here... NOW!!! Yea, it's proper mint. N'tha.

Definately fancy getting myself to the Capital to go for a bit of a gamboy night out and dance with this guy.

Check out these fancy moves.


Anonymous said...

He reminds me of myself, if I could sing, dance, had long lovely hair and was attractive.

Anonymous said...

This guy is ace, ace hair, ace vid and ace tunes