Friday, 22 July 2016

Black Rivers and nostalgia..

After Doves there was somewhat of a hole. A dull ache.

Yes, yes, of course continual listening to Lost Souls was going to be obligatory, there was Jimi Goodwin's solo stuff, and forever held in the highest of esteem was the beautiful electronica of Rebelski. But then Andy and Jez Williams decided to release an album. Under the name Black Rivers some of the tracks floated onto the internet and I was thoroughly hooked.

Voyager 1 is a personal highlight. Instantly familiar -- but if you mainlined Jez Williams voice as frequently as I did then it is bound to be familiar -- the track is paced with total abandoned and joy. That voice. Such comfort.

And when asked t'other day if Doves might ever reform...

And it is 14 years today since Pounding had its single release. I used to request this so frequently on nights out that one DJ used to play it almost as my entrance music.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Gold Panda

I think I thought I had shared this already. I assumed my love for Gold Panda and excitement at the new material would have overwhelmed me and I would have bored Pop Cultureddd with it. But we all know that insightful warning on making asssumptions. So we won't bother.

Gold Panda has released new material! Yippee!

The single In My Car is sheer archetypal Panda. And bloody gorgeous too. I have played it a lot. A signature summer sound now.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Public Service Broadcasting remix..

After a day writing in a historic library in Manchester t'other day, I took myself to Fopp to decompress.

Whilst browsing I heard this track and ran up from the basement floor to ask who was it. As it turned out it was this intensely amazing remix of Public Service Broadcasting by Boxed In. The track Valentina features vocals by Smoke Fairies.

It broke my little bubble of academic stupor. Reminding me of beauty. And it was much needed.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Dario Rossi

All is not quite well.

The tolerance in the USA is grim. The political fervour in the UK is grim. The content of my thesis is grim. The content of my thesis is getting increasingly grim. There will be hope and lightness. It might just take some time to reappear.

To take the edge of the bleak for now is someone who amazes me. Reminds me that all expectations can be confounded in a positive way. Dario Rossi is a drummer. A travelling, busking percussionist. The first time I saw a video featuring him it had gone viral amongst muso friends and I spent the rest of that day tracking down who was the man in the video. Several years on this still feels me with delight, joy and gives me goosebumps of excitement.

Why? Because Dario Rossi does techno. Analogue techno.

And it will blow your mind!

A longer set.

Saturday, 11 June 2016


I am fixated.

With RuPaul.

Mainly the Drag Race and this track.

May I call you Jiggly?

Monday, 30 May 2016

Earth, Wind & Fire

I woke up this morning with September by Earth, Wind & Fire stuck in my head. So I played it whilst eating toast and dancing around the kitchen.

Pretty good way to start the day, I reckon.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


In need of a bit of funk? Aye, me too.

Let Riton help.

There have been some rather good remixes too from some familiar names.