Sunday, 24 June 2018

How Do You Sleep?

Dogged by nightmares, if you must know.

Rumour floating round Reddit - reputable source - has it that this LCD Soundsystem epic track is basically James Murphy coming for Tim Goldsworthy, co-founder of DFA. Seemingly he buggered off to the UK with their equipment. And knowing that the lyrics are pretty scathing.

Love a bit of drama, me like.

Beyond the lyrical battle, the colossal composition of this track journeys through stirring, then to impassioned and explodes into the frenzied. So it basically echoes my current day-to-day internal battle.

The book Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011 is supposed to be a good read for some insight. But academia has ruined my ability to read for pleasure. Gimme an audio version so I can rest my weary, tear-sodden eyes.

Monday, 5 March 2018

James Blake

The DJ who played this on 6 Music the other day had a visceral negative reaction at the end of play. I began loudly swearing at the radio.

I had a visceral reaction during it. It took my breath away.

If you find this challenging, then fine. But kindly do one whilst I enjoy it.

James Blake - If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Soulwax 6 Music Christmas Mix

Yes, we are very much post the event -- and I hope it was a good 'un, BTW -- but if you have any capacity left and a smidgen of Christmas cheer that doesn't quite want to budge yet, then check out this mix by Soulwax.

A roaring ride that will help keep the sharp teeth of reality from biting for just another 20 minutes.

Then I guess it is back to a partial return to the 'real world'.

What is this so-called real world I keep hearing so much about anyway?

Friday, 3 November 2017

Leo Kalyan

Heavy-hearted, raw and beautiful nevertheless. Leo Kalyan lays it bare in aching vocals. The track Fucked Up on the Outside In EP showcases not only his ability to produce dark synth-pop, but also his heritage and cultural conflict.
"It's a song about falling short of people’s expectations. I grew up Muslim between London and Lahore, but now, as a gay person living the life of an artist in East London, I’m constantly aware of the toll being myself takes on me and my family and my relationships. Sometimes I feel fucked up for what I put them through. I imagine other people feel the same way sometimes too. The song is about confronting that, and releasing yourself from your baggage."
(The Fader, 2016)

With new material floating that I would recommend you explore, here is the aforementioned track and EP from 2016 to whet your appetite.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx

The timbre of the beautifully talented Gil Scott-Heron paired with the dark production of Jamie xx -- who, let's face it, I prefer when he is cracking on without The xx -- is stirring.

The thudding of this track and the low grind is bettered only by what Gil Scott-Heron is evoking lyrically.

Running is one of many greats from this magically partnership on We're New Here from 2011.

Note: This video has flashing elements. And I bloody love it. The perfect syncing with the music is excitingly satisfying.

Friday, 6 October 2017


Revisiting the great debut LP from Slaves. In terms of fast-paced, catchy, trashy punk tunes these guys get to it.

Let's have the one everyone loves. Why not?