Friday, 4 May 2007

Things wrong with the world - Part 675828

1. No longer has I posted my last post about Junior Boys but bloody Pitchfork go and inform me that Junior Boys are to release a deluxe two-disc special edition type malark of So, This Is Goodbye. Not really was I was hoping for.

2. The other day in conversation I said "Noanna Jewsom".

3. I am going to miss The Whip, Metronomy and The Sunshine Underground on Saturday at Empire in Middlesbrough because I am working from 10am-10pm. Yes, a twelve hour shift. Going to fill my MP3 player with lots of mixes to get me through it. Probably by La Grève Générale. I love them boys.

4. I met, shook hands with and had my photo taken with Lord Anthony Giddens yesterday and I'm sure my hand was unexplainably sweaty.

5. Max Weber's work is very difficult to read.

6. Not for the want of being almost like a girl (which I hate being accused of) I am not in possession of any of the fluffy creatures pictured above.

The world is unfair and unjust.


Anonymous said...

Things wrong with the world.....

If you are up to 675828....

What, in your opinion would come before?




Capital Vices?

The human need for destruction or just simply creation?

The judgemental perspective standings of those effected by their own vital frame of reference which they will impose on others regardless?

The fear of what is not understood?

The horrid cry of constant self-pity, the call of the grass is always greener, the egotistical view that no one person in the world has it like I do.

'Why me God?'

The inability and failings of the human race to act in a manner towards others as they themselves would wish and need to be treated?

Things unfair and wrong with the world start with the glass is half empty.

Mulrine said...

I guess a few of those are higher.

But I can't help but be upset that I said "Noanna Jewsom".

Today's main concern is that we are all just a social construct.

I told someone today that she had no individuality because even the language she used to express her 'personality' was a social construct. She said that my cynical view upset her.

Boo hoo.

Anonymous said...

Typified reciprocal interactions between people in todays society can be argued as the embeded root cause of society as the original cancer.

Luckmann himself noted how Social constructionism is the 'heart' but not the soul of societys fabric.

What was said to the girl was academically sound, however your failings are not that of intelligence or of analytical thinking but of compassion for those who do not understand.

A true academic educates with the pen not the sword.

Mulrine said...

Yes, well, generally I do not attempt to upset people in such a manner. But she is a friend of mine that I felt was being slightly deluded about the whole thing.

Me? Lack of compassion?

If you must believe so then fair enough.

I've not claimed to be an academic.

I couldn't be. I'm just simply not good enough.

Mulrine said...

Compassion or lack thereof? I read it back and was confused.

Mornings prove to only scupper my brain.