Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Crystal Castles

On Thursday night the elusive Crystal Castles will be playing at KU Bar in Stockton-on-Tees.

They are only playing a handful of gigs in the UK so to get the chance to go and see them should be pounced upon by all that can attend.

Pretty bleeps and twinkly synths that suddenly can be very hardcore, Crystal Castles are going to be very exciting if you are bumming the electro scene currently (who isn't?).

Yet, I'll be taking my folk-twee-Sufjan-Stevens-and-Joanna-Newsom-loving best friend, Paul. Going to gigs on ones own in Stockton is apparently not permitted. But fuck knows what he is going to make of it. He'll hate it.

So if anyone sees me at the side just standing tapping my foot, grab me, swirl me round on the dance floor and I'm sure my moves will spill out. Especially for Crystal Castles.


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