Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Das Wanderlust and indie-pop

Whilst reading up on indie pop and twee pop I came across this:

"Cuddlecore, a more punk-influenced North American variant of twee pop, emerged in the 1990s. Bands in this subgenre included cub, Bunnygrunt and Maow. Cuddlecore bands generally combined a punk rock attitude with pop melodies and female-led harmony vocals." (Wikipedia)

Cuddlecore! That is absolutely awesome.

Moreover, the stuff mentioned also contains quite a few bands I already like. So I think I may have to have a proper delve into indie-pop, twee pop and 'cuddlecore' as I know its always been a bit of an obscure genre. Certainly not chart-topping (one of its most seductive qualities then, I feel).

So be prepared for something a bit different. Leave your mainstream-Kaiser-Ferdinand-indie on the shelve, you Scenester! And you there! Yes, you! Stop listening to those fuck-cool French-electro remixes of dogs barking. Just stop! And open your minds.

Das Wanderlust are a band who are from Middlesbrough, where I call home. I've been somewhat out of touch with the local scene but these kids seem to have taken off far beyond the likes of Stockton's KU Bar or the Dickens Inn near Teesside Uni. And with such clear vocal talent its not suprising. Plus, they dress exactly how I'd imagine and they are very nice to look at. A good, pretty band goes a long way. Go to their MySpace page and give their tracks a listen. I think they are quite accessible, so enjoy.

They will be playing at what looks like an awesome little festival that is definately inkeeping with the ideals of 'twee'. Indie Tracks is taking place in Ripley in Derbyshire and not only has a whole host of bands to see but also will give you access to the Midland Railway Butterley attraction. Bands and cute, rural jollities.

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