Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Belle & Sebastian

Named as the Best Scottish Band of All Time Belle & Sebastian are still, in my opinion, massively underrated.

I only know a handful of people who have heard of them and even less than that are actual fans. But they have been making music for a lot longer than most would care to note and they truly have earned every ounce of respect and love that their fans genuinely feel for them.

Here is a track taken from their first record, Tigermilk, that I have been listening to a lot again recently. This track stood out to me last year when I was in my electro-dance-distorted-techno spiral. Brought me back to something more crafted and subtle.

Belle & Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance. (right click and save...)

For a band that always managed to avoid doing lots of promotion, interviews, messy entanglements with the nasty media, they slowly but surely built up a solid fanbase. Culminating in last year's release of The Life Pursuit featuring in any respectable music lover's album of the year list.

This is the single that was released for this record. I remember being very excited about this little track and was filled with glee when I got it on vinyl.

Belle & Sebastian - Funny Little Frog. (right click and save...)

So to find a person who is a fan of Belle & Sebastian is to find a person with a great sense of musical integrity and aptitude. And if they are also into the likes of Alfie and Rebelski too then try to close your gaping jaw and ask to borrow some of their CD's.

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