Wednesday, 30 May 2007


A wee while back now I was lucky enough to go to a super-small little gig in my home town to see Crystal Castles. Lots of fun was had by all which is to be expected, afterall, its Crystal Castles! And it was my first experience of what I'd view as different type of gig, in which essentially everyone just ran around and jumped about with the band and just had mega fun.

I still uphold that I think the organisers of the night, Electro Boogaloo (good night, nice tunes, annoying name), did a fucking awesome job of handling such a band like Crystal Castles so well and even managed to set up a little signing session for fans to go along to (I unfortunately couldn't make it, such is the life of a scholar.. ha).

Anyway, we were stood, shifting weight foot-to-foot, feeling vunerable and sober and on struts a tiny framed, young guy, making me feel old he looked so young! Very politely came and introduced himself with his lovely Northern accent and told us he was going to performing a few songs. And my, did he perform! What an engaging set. Aided only with a laptop to punch out his sounds and a mic to blear a crisp, clear vocal scream into.

Coldseat, I eventually found out his name was. I was going to go and say hi and tell him I enjoyed his set, but I didn't, I had a pint instead.

His MySpace songs are good but believe me is far more entertaining live.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he was good. He's even better now he's got a band behind him! They have to be seen to be believed!

Anonymous said...

It was an Ipod by the way, not a laptop!!