Thursday, 24 May 2007

Updating my MP3 player..

For my various train and bus rides home.

I've got Feist's new album, The Reminder that I have been meaning to listen to and just not got round to. And after the Boys Noize remix of My Moon My Man that seems to be making a second time appearance round the blogs, and hearing it last week at the Crystal Castle's gig, I have decided I'm very much liking that song. For the Boys Noize remix check out Missing Toof.

Oh, I should actually mention that having eventually listened to the new LCD Soundsystem album I am totally in love with its main peaks. I think All My Friends made every hair on my body stand on end if not the first, definately the second time and then everytime thereafter. Check out the Franz Ferdinand cover, cool as sin, not sure its half as good though.

The Aliens - Astronomy For Dogs is a lot better than I expected. Especially not being impressed when I saw them live recently, but I definately think there was a distinct correlation between how much alcohol they had consumed and their bad performance. Check out the track Rox I can't help but be reminded of Late Of The Pier's most ground-breaking and overly remixed Space and the Woods, there are some great remixes of it to be fair.

I've still not got Help She Can't Swim's new album. Much to my dismay. I want to purchase it but then I'd probably not be able to eat for a while. It's definately going to have to come under close consideration. Food or HSCS?

And, well, after genuinely enjoying, the most cheesy way, Our Velocity, the fun first single from the new Maximo Park album. I really should make an effort for the guys who come from where I live. I may, in fact, even wear my Maximo Park t-shirt today. Oh yes! You know it says 'Mint' on the chest in gold-foiled letters!

I'm probably going to put lots of other stuff on too but I have to read about Weber's idea on religion and various spheres of culture and then get a few notes typed up on the unequal distribution of wealth.


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