Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Field Day

What a ridiculous constraint money is turning out to be.

I actually can't do anything I want because I have no money.

I'm marginalised because I don't have money to gain access to the things I desire (e.g. CD's, gig tickets, travel to gig's, somewhere to stay, DJing equipment, a trumpet, etc).

Anyway enough of my moaning. Its just because when I think of Field Day and the fact that obviously besides being awesome, having a fucking amazing line-up, the likes of Absentee and Justice in the same bill (!), being great and fun and yes, yes, all that stuff, its a given. Of course it will be great. But it also means that I am going to have fuck all money for anything else ever.

Or it feels like that.

Money equates to power and access.

I feel deprived and therefore am going to sulk.

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