Saturday, 14 April 2007

Victor Bermon

Just discovered this artist through which is actually a very nice alternative to MySpace. Very clean-cut and stylish.
My Virb profile.

Back to the point.

Victor Bermon is what may be classed as an electronica artist, although the blurb on his profile does question that genre somewhat, so we'll say 'electronica' in the sense of what I'd think of classical electronica. I may have just made a new genre. You read it here first, Ladies and Jellyspoons!

Invest in this artist. Get Arriving At Night, his new record. I have it but have been working everyday recently (well, 11 out of the most recent 14) so I have not been able to give it the attention is deserves.

But I will. Because from the tracks I've heard it needs to be listened to. It demands it.

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