Thursday, 19 April 2007

Egotistical self promotion

To incorporate all the aspects of this modern internet communication type lark Pop Cultureddd has its own little space on this strange ether of the internet here, as you can see with your very own working eyeballs.

Yet, it also takes up a bit of space here, too, on MySpace. At this point if you would like to be my 'friend' then please do so. All comments and feedback on anything at all is appreciated, it may not have any heed taken to it if calous but such is life. I occassionally post out little bulletins telling people what to listen to and what to do whilst listening to it. Throwing shapes is usually it.

This, well, this is a rather yummy-scrummy, refined and matured bit of sexy space that Pop Cultureddd also takes up on Virb. I recommend you get yourself one of these if you are morally against MySpace, which I would be if I weren't so God-damn addicted to it.

You can contact me via my personal bits and bobs too (not rude 'personal bits and bobs').

MySpace: Ms Mulrine

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