Sunday, 8 April 2007

Help She Can't Swim

Help She Can't Swim.

Fucking awesome band.

On at Middlesbrough Empire on Thursday this week at Club NME. Don't worry if you didn't already know. Apparently they only advertise through rancid pizza shops on Linthorpe Road in Boro. How very chic.

No fucking wonder no half decent bands play the North East, or Middlesbrough, in particular. Fucking musical suicide.

I'm actually livid that I might have missed this because I've been so busy and its been so poorly promoted.

Empire don't deserve such a good band on if they aren't going to bother putting in the effort to promote it properly.

To reiterate, Help She Can't Swim are great. I will be there giving support, screams, spittle of vodka and money. Boo Empire. As per.

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