Sunday, 8 April 2007

Camera Obscura

I am currently suffering actual shock after having witnessed
Camera Obscura's Country Mile on an advert...

An advert for Tesco!

I fundamentally hate Tesco and I always try my hardest to avoid shopping from a company hell-bent on possessing all the souls in the world to restrict consumer choice, fuck farmers and the producers of goods and generally monopolise everything they endeavour into.***

So why does not already having all the mediocre celebrities in Britian doing the voice overs and making appearences in their adverts not annoy me enough? I mean, I was going to maybe reach-out and email some of the celebrities to tell them that as role models to the citizens of Britian they had certain repsonibilities, but now.. well.. now Camera Obscura have gone and done this and it makes no sense to me.

Please go and read the information here, Tescopoly, and make an informed decision.

Arm yourself with knowledge.

Avoid Tesco.

I fucking loved that song too. On a monthly compilation CD and everything!

*** - Edit: This is solely my opinion. Based on very little. Tesco may well be very nice. And I'd quite not like to be sued for voicing my opinion. Eep.

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Anonymous said...

i think they need to eat!