Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Radio 1

This is brave to say, but, having listened to Radio 1 a bit recently some things need to be picked out for serious consideration, discussion, debate and, well, just to generally note.

  • I like Reggie and Fearne. They are overlooked as a seriously good pairing that bounce off each other very well.
  • I hate Jo Whiley. She champions, likes and loves everything. No discernible opinion whatsoever. And definately not one to take heed of.
  • Edith Boman is very good at hosting an all-round entertaining show on her own. She is infinitely better off without..
  • ..Colin Murray. I hate Murray. And since when did he become a music guru in ownership of a knowledge of music that anyone in the world should admire?
  • I like Sara Cox and it scares me because I don't know why. I find her quirky, harsh Northern voice strangely soothing. I like her ancedotes of being a mother.
  • Zane Lowe shouts.
  • And most importantly, Rob Da Bank is in actual fact the the light, hope, grace and true way in the scary monopolised landscape that is radio.

Everyone should make a point once a week of taking some time to go the Rob Da Bank Radio 1 page and click the 'Listen Again' feature and be gently and firmly taught the rights and wrongs of music.

Sack the mainstream.

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