Sunday, 1 April 2007

Hot Chip

Flipping through my old brick of an MP3 player last night in bed I popped on Coming On Strong by Hot Chip. I'd not listened to it in ages and I just peacefully drifted. My hips still continued to jiggle though. The only remaining conscious body part. All the rhythm goes there.

Sweet and subtle.

You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride is a hushed hymn. And Hot Chip are certainly a band to provoke a reaction like that of the tea-sipping vicars of the quiet parishes of rural England.

Here is me with Paul looking non-hushed, subtle or sweet at a Hot Chip gig last May...

And this is Hot Chip as they were back last May...

I feel the need to pray.

The support act of that gig is worth mentioning. Grovesnor. At first, I must admit, I did think he was the soundcheck guy and had just got carried away because I'd walked past him manning the merchandise table. Turned out he was just multi-faceted. And I remember telling him he was like a more sexually-charged Sebastien Tellier, which he seemed to like. But anyway, give him a listen. He's good.

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