Saturday, 28 April 2007

Hadouken & The Gentlemen DJ's

The less said about seeing Hadouken! the other night the better.

Maybe music is not cool any more and just creating a wall of impenetrable noise is.

Other people seemed to enjoy them though. But I think people will go mad at any gig regardless of how poor the band is. Especially in Middlesbrough.

I'll tell you what though..

The Gentlemen Disc Jockey's never fail to play a brilliant selection of songs. They really have got it sussed. If you ever are forced to be in Middlesbrough for whatever reason then try to make sure that it can involve you going to the Empire in Middlesbrough on a Thursday night to see these guys DJ. They restore faith that had previously been let to ebb away in worrying that maybe just DJ's were all to be killed. Not these though. Here is their spanky website.

Pedistal for The Gentlemen DJ's please.

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