Monday, 12 April 2010

Supergrass Split

Pottering around the kitchen and back yard yesterday in the sun, with 6 Music ringing out and Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape show is playing host to Danny Goffey and Gaz Coombes of Supergrass fame. They are answering very random questions on decorative bowls and trying to get in on the children's music market. As always the boys are very entertaining and get on wonderfully with Adam Buxton and his less than mainstream style of humour. I giggle lots, eat my lunch in the sun, everyone is happy.

But today is another day. The internet in my new house gets sorted (but not my broken computer), I nearly take my finger off peeling tatties, I eat a lemon top, I read a book on qualitative research methods that from the size and the text layout appears to think it is The Bible. It is fair to say it is a pretty mixed day. Then testing the internet connection what do I see?

Supergrass to split after 17 years

What?! No. I shouted the headline very loudly to my housemate. His reaction is equally as blunt and pained.

I have been a fan of Supergrass for many years. The above picture is the very same as a poster I had of them on my bedroom wall when I still lived at home many years ago. It was the centrepiece of a collage of clippings, posters, flyers, pictures and ticket stubs of many, many different artists. And it looked great.

I've seen them live four times. Never once have I been disappointed in their performances. They are simply a joy to experience.

Their DVD released for the 10 year anniversary Supergrass Is 10 was charming, fascinating and very, very funny. It spawned some lines that have stayed as one-liner in-jokes for years.

A band with character that without them the landscape of music will be forever lacking. I have shared one of my favourite and more obscure Supergrass tracks. The first is the last track of the album In It For The Money and I always got into it in a big way. At a festival some years later I found the single for Richard III which included the B-Side also for your pleasure Sometimes We're Very Sad, this being one of my favourite tracks I bought the single straight away to take home and listen to find out just what it was. And it is just great!

I might have been slightly too young to have followed them from their beginning, but my affection for this band caught up in no time at all. I'll hopefully be going to show my respect at their farewell tour dates schedules for early June.

Supergrass - Sometimes I Make You Sad [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Supergrass - Sometimes We're Very Sad [via YouSendIt for 7 days]


FiL said...

Boo. Never saw them live, though their music has accompanied my life for years now. I painted the walls of my first house with Pumping on Your Stereo on repeat.

Mulrine said...

You've missed out, Fil!

I like the profound memories people have of moments in their lives, events, anecdotes to Supergrass songs.

I have a less nice one. I had a terrifying car crash to Mary. I refuse to listen to that song in the car now. It is just too weird.