Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Kicking my heels!

And I swear, when I feel like kicking my heels, I do actually do it. Quite well too! Good news, a day to get things done, a peek of sunshine. No money or food, but that is always the case! I'll survive.

This whole General Election is pretty much freaking me out. I get scared that I'll soon have to look for a new home, in Scotland, and uproot my life there. And generally, I'm far too philosophical to really pledge my alliance to any political party. But having seen a barrage of Conservative posters in the country side that surrounds Teesside recently I've considered putting a Lib Dem poster in my window. And a Labour poster. Or something that states free-choice. Or something crude that says "Vote for whoever, as long as it's not the Conservatives or the BNP".

So the article Tory lead narrows amid huge voter disenchantment is something to smile at. And, ~swoon~, Jon Snow last night talking to 'the people on the street' about the Tory plans and getting laughed at. Oh, it is very nice. Reportedly people would rather see a hung parliament over either a Labour of Conservative government. I think it is morbid curiosity. Part of me would like to see a hung parliament!

Anyway, my hero so far, and a lot of people's from what I can gather is Vince "The" Cable. I definitely have a bit of one of my notorious crushes there. The Cable is dreamy and he makes me laugh. Ladies, what more could you ask for?!

Yesterday on the bus home from work, I had a headache, I was forcing myself to read my book on the ever depressing subject of neoliberalism, the elderly lady next to me was doing that annoying thing where someone sits on your coat. Hope was non-existent. As it so often is on public transport. Then I looked up from reading the name Thatcher for about the 100th time to see a 'Vote Lib Dem' poster in someones window on the first floor of a flat on a main road. My hand automatically dropped my book and pressed against the glass. Hope. At the time one of my favourite tracks was reaching it's pinnacle. And I swear, it was all I could do not to shed a tear at the beauty of it all.

The Field - Everyday [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

The overt and publicly political nature of this post has made me cringe and blush at myself, I do not do this sort of thing normally and probably won't be doing so again. I apologise.


drew said...

Why Scotland? All the election pish is happening up here as well and we have to listen to Alex Salmond and see that sonsie face plastered all over the media moaning about how he isn't getting to be pat of the leaders debate.

Still we do have better water and quieter roads but that's about it really.

Mulrine said...

Everything about Scotland is better, in my opinion. I'd be in my homeland! I'd maybe get back the Scottish accent I used to have until I was 5 years old.

I would be close to all of my extended family! The political landscape is more to my liking. Marginalised and annoyed. Forward thinking and progressive policies. And, most importantly, I'd be able to buy plain loaves!

It's only because my Mum and Dad moved here that I now have a horrible North East (of England) accent. Bloody fools!

Although someone on the radio at the weekend said they thought that the Teesside accent was quite sexy. Maybe they are as foolish as my parents.

drew said...

Plain bread, now you are talking.

Nothing wrong with a Teeside accent, better than a Fife accent, I was going to say Edinburgh but the accents you hear there are mostly English or Antipodean.

Mulrine said...

Nowt right with the Teesside accent! Plus, apparently I have a 'distinct' voice myself. What the fuck? Good distinct or oh-god-here-comes-that-girl-with-the-voice distinct? I think I'd rather not know.

My Mum is Scotland bound in a couple of weeks and I have already started a food shopping list of things I want. Plain loaves (at least two), potato scones, black pudding, white pudding, empire biscuits, Iron Bru in a glass bottle...

drew said...

Irn Bru and if you are going to go down the hardening of the arteries route you need to include square sausage and sliced haggis to your list, however I would draw the linee at the Buckfast.

I have a brother in law who worked for DFID and was posted to Bangladesh and Malawi amongst other places. He used to get Buckfast and plain bread sent in the diplomatic bag.

Mulrine said...

I want a 'diplomatic bag'!!!

Yea, the list is surely growing. Any other suggestions?

My extended family really should be sending these things to me in a care package regularly!