Friday, 9 April 2010

James Murphy

He's told NME that he is done. "I'm out of here" in fact. There is another tragedy we can squarely pin blame on the NME for. If they hadn't of done that interview he wouldn't of said that. It would of happened regardless. But, fuck it, let's blame the NME.

And we can talk about the philosophic things he said in the interview with regards to money and getting rich. But right now I need to make light of the situation.

So I throw open the discussion of what James Murphy can do once he has 'retired'. I think come and carry my numerous books I always have around for me. My very own fluffy, older, entrancing American book carrier. It'd be a conversation starter.

"Oh, hi, how are you? Have you met my materials vehicle, James? He used to make amazing music with LCD Soundsystem, but now he turfs my books and notes around for me. He's got some interesting views on the nature of employment and pay.. Mmm.. Haven't you, James? And look at how cute he is! You should see him hit a cowbell! Got time for a coffee?"

I have time to work out the finer details yet, they are touring more or less forever. Go to Pitchfork to have a listen to Drunk Girls.


drew said...

The only person I blame for more than the NME, is Thatcher. I'm pretty sure that between them, the NME, Thatcher and Simon Cowell are responsible for the majority of the world's ills.

Mulrine said...

Ahhh, Drew, how wise you are. You must have known that I have been reading about the history of neoliberalism at the moment. Thatcher plastered on the front of my book whenever I'm on the bus.

I reckon it would be so hard to trace the NME and Simon Cowell squarely back to being the horrid fault of Thatcher. Somehow. It is obviously her fault.