Thursday, 22 April 2010

10,000 Horses Can't Be Wrong..

..but Steph Mulrine can.

Simian Mobile Disco - 10,000 Horses Can't Be Wrong

Tracks, sounds, noises, songs. Sometimes they articulate a feeling. It can lovely, bubbly, fluffy feelings that you may have for someone else. It could be gut-wrenching grief and loss. But how often does it tend to be frustration? And not all those with lyrically obvious cathartic messages that say the things you can't. No, fuck all that. Like genuine skin-crawling frustration at yourself and no visible way to deal with it. Elements of this track do that for me.

Maybe I need to talk about it. Maybe I need a fresh perspective. Maybe I need to be away from a University, my books, journal articles, notes, post-it's, etc, etc, etc, for more than half an hour. We're not making progress.

Waking up at 5am, nervous, thinking about how the two dissertation topics you are currently working around are may lack-lustre, is probably not good.

This track embodies the emotions that seem to characterise my tempestuous nature of late. And it goes someway to highlighting my continuing 'outsider' status. The bleeps seem to say, if you listen really carefully, You're a loner...

And you can't argue with the bleeps.

Thanks Simian Mobile Disco!


drew said...

What you need Mulrine is a trip north of the border and a good bevvy.

Quite partial to a bit of SMD, myself.

Mulrine said...

I think you might be spot on there, Drew. Alas, poverty strikes and I can't afford a bevvy here, let alone an accompanying trip to the Home Land. I'd bloody love to though!

I still love SMD. Their noise speaks to me.

Anonymous said...

SMD are still decent, attack, sustain, decay is still one of favourite albums of the past few years (even tho 'I Believe' for me did not fit the album an certainly should not have been in the live set)