Thursday, 8 April 2010

Feminism and Arctic Monkeys

A conversation which goes some way to demonstrate the strange connections the synapses in my brain make.

"So, Steph, why do you hate feminism?"
"It's not that I hate it. It's -- well -- it is difficult to explain..."
"Go on."
"Well, feminism to me is like The Libertines or Arctic Monkeys--"
"Now, bare with me here, it'll make sense, just let me explain."
"Feminism is like The Libertines or Arctic Monkeys?! What?!"
"Honestly--" laughing at myself "it will make sense."
"When The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys were surrounded by all that hype and media and cultural frezy I found it incredibly off-putting. Everyone was proper bumming them. It was a bit like if you listened to them you'd have to immediately enjoy them. So I thought, 'Fuck it, I'll get round to listening in my own time when the fuss has calmed down'."
"And that is the same as feminism?"
"Yea, in a way. It comes across to me from a particular point of action and revolution. I never took any module at undergrad that had anything to do with it. If you were to listen to the Arctic Monkeys at the height of their fame it was already being presented to you in a particular way, a cultural manner that meant you were part of something, regardless of whether you wanted to be or not. Well, feminism comes from a particular political point of view. And I'm rather philosophic, to be honest. I'll watch the revolution for now. I don't see my place within it."

You've got to worry.

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Musa said...

The thing is that both Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines are clearly funnier than Feminism. But I found it an interesting connection :)

I just popped in your blog and i though yours is a great work ;) Keep it going!