Sunday, 4 April 2010

I used to make you feel something..

My situation has changed immeasurably of late. A new job, a new home, a new direction in life. The 6 months leading up to that point were not easy at all. And although much has changed and I'm certainly in a better place it is not to say that any of it is any easier. In talking about the things going on in my life with people they or I often use the words 'juggle', 'difficult' or 'fuck!' quite a lot. It has made me think about Pop Cultureddd and what to do with it a lot too.

I have come to no definite decision.

But in the spirit of honesty I am doing my Master's degree part-time and commuting approx. 50 miles to do so. I am working at a University part-time temporarily, but working hard to impress and make it worth while. I have no money. I have no social life anymore. I have few friends. Actually, probably less than few. My Mum is amazing but constantly fills me, unintentionally, with worry. I live a big house with a reliable yet sometimes extremely annoying best friend. I share all of this and my life with a bearded man who is particularly wonderful at cooking, stopping me from going mad and uses all of his Sundays to wind me up to the point of feet-stomping.

I loved my blog. I loved writing. I loved music and I loved sociology.

I think it might be time to try and take all that back.


mjrc said...

it's a constant struggle. i neglect my blog and then i come back to it, but i've decided to keep it going if for no other reason than it's mine, all mine. :)

Razzle said...

Welcome back..

Anonymous said...

Those of us that still use these little things still find some use for them - definitely.

Over the course of time the mind wanders to new and exciting things but then pops back when a little mind-space is needed to think.

I definitely hope you continue to use this as and how you can.

Mulrine said...

I think you are right. I think that might be the reason I can't let it go. It still makes me smile when I think about it. Why stop that?

And thank you.

Anonymous said...

you're welcome :)