Sunday, 6 January 2008

Mix of the Year 2007

Mixes? Plural? No. Why bother? I'm not saying I didn't experience others that I enjoyed, Crookers, Simian Mobile Disco, Broken Hooker DJ's, etc, etc, etc. But in reality it would just not really do justice to the one that stood out above the rest for me.

La Grève Générale - Cheese on Toast and Sambuca mixtape [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

Exciting. Compelling. Diverse in the hippest way.

La Grève Générale's Cheese on Toast and Sambuca mixtape had me literally squealing with delight.

Hell hath no fury like Steph Mulrine scorned. Well this proves that eclecticism hath no freedom like La Grève Générale.

These boys should definitely be something to shout about for a long time to come. And somewhere up North should book them. Poverty restricts me geographically.

Add these guys on MySpace. Then bombard them with general exclamations of adoration. I do.


Colin said...

d'loading now and looking forward to hearing this!

i'll report back, after the viva voce...


Colin said...

Even though I'm not a danceY + mixY kind of person (far too old) this is a clear pass with only a few minor changes to make... great selection Dr Mulrine :)

Mulrine said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Its nice to mix up the genre and style of stuff. I bet you found it hard to be maudlin to this!

Colin said...

hehe... yes, i admit, it felt rather odd wearing a smile for a whole 37 minutes and 33 seconds... :)