Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Cut Copy

I am not normally one to get excited-- no, wait-- yea I am. But even more than usual, I am excited about going to see Cut Copy.

When my Mummy told me I had post to return to and she thought that one of my envelopes might be gig tickets, she is very estute now at gaging that having seen so many in their various packagings, I was giddy. When I opened them in the kitchen on my return anyone would have worried at that much uncontained movement in a space that held so many hot, sharp and generally dangerous items would end in tears. It probably been worth the injury.

My mother was utterly baffled by this extreme reaction. And I must admit, I even shocked myself, I mean, the most exciting thing will be my very favourite song. But sometimes, when you absolutely fall for a song, no matter what the feelings for the band/artist and their other work, the prospect of seeing it performed can do wild things.

So, song in question, Saturdays.

If you'd like a little more Cut Copy then keep your beady eye on the lovely blog Fun And Heartbreak as I may write a post with a Cut Copy track included. Aren't I kind?

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FiL said...

This is like a jar of squiggly, happy stuff, isn't it?? Luurrvely!!

Enjoy the show!!