Tuesday, 29 January 2008

The Presets

My People - The Presets

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I suffer from time to time with periods which I go through boughts of quite horrendous nightmares. I am a very open book. Like, stupidly open. But some things are just too difficult to share. Knowing my brain likes to be rather mean to me in the night whilst I'm trying to indulge in some unconscious kipping is just really rather torturous.

Anyway, I had a nightmare last night that pretty much left me feeling very far from human for most of the day. And the song featured above was playing in part of said nightmare. Bizarre, eh?


Colin said...

that is a pretty scary song.

nightmares for me now.


ps, an art gallery ;)

JC said...

I really feel my age when I visit in here.

That's my nightmare...

a very public sociologist said...

There's something strangely creepy about that video. Can't quite put my finger on it ...