Sunday, 17 April 2011

Paul Chambers and 2manydjs

Not really being in the loop anymore with the ol' electro/dance/techno genres means I had not come across Paul Chambers until The Bearded Boy sent me a YouTube video of a 2manydjs at Coachella, which was mainly intended to demonstrate the crazy-awesome visuals that had been difficult to describe in conversation (see below). And other than reminding me that all work/reading/eating cake makes Stephanie a dull, wide-hipped girl highlighting the desperate need for some rollicking dancing to let off steam, the other thing I garnered from it was the amazing Paul Chambers track.

But how very lame! I can't embed the original. So you can have the link that will take you to the Paul Chambers SoundCloud page. And here is the Soulwax remix. Don't worry it hasn't got any of those 'Soulwax claps'. Phew!

Paul Chambers - Yeah, Techno! (Soulwax Mix) by soulwax

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