Thursday, 7 April 2011

Retro full-scale melt-down

Remember all those blog posts in the final throws of my undergraduate degree where I'd castigate and denounce the theorists I was struggling to come to terms with?

Well this is similar. Except that I'm the twat that has gotten me into this situation by and large! Why am I blanking and unable to explain my own proposed research?! I should be shot! In the face. At least I'd have a viable excuse for being a useless, fumbling, tongue-tied non-sociologist loser.

I would like to crawl into a cave/hole/pit and be left with only this song for company and hibernate until all the stressful things just disappear.

Marriage by Gold Panda


Colin said...

Tell you what, I'll write your dissertion for you if you do all my marking for me? Deal? ;)

Mulrine said...

Right now I wish it was my dissertation that was causing this, Colin. I'd definitely swap!

+3 interview in the morning.

drew said...

Have you heard the Actress remix of Surfer's Hymn, it's the business.

drew said...

I seem to have repeated myself. This is what happens when I am left with the kids for a week my brain turns to mush with sleep deprivation, I not only post things twice but can't even comment against the relevant post!