Sunday, 3 April 2011


The LED are providing some much needed bass and beats. And brilliantly executed.

Scottish homeland pride for these boys is overwhelming. I just need a plain loaf and Iron Bru. That would be all I would need to fuel me dancing to these tracks.

A Ricocheted Kitty is a powerhouse the likes not seen since approximately 2008.

The LED - A Ricocheted Kitty by TheLED

A remix of Telephone with an 8-bit breakdown? It is a must!

Lady Gaga - Telephone (LED Remix) by TheLED


drew said...

I like, never heard of them before but will be delving further.

You've been away too long Mulrine, there is no o in Irn Bru.

Mulrine said...

I am ashamed of myself. Of course there is no 'o'. If I'd have looked in the fridge I'd have realised that.

Yes, I don't get enough Pop Cultureddd time at the moment with my life torn, tattered and ruined by two Universities.