Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Neon Plastix split..

Oh dear.

Unfortunately a little known electro band that I've been fairly attached to, Neon Plastix, have decided to end their musical journey in their current form.

Actually, this was the first band I ever 'blogged' about in my second ever post! So it is certainly sad to see a band split that definately deserved a lot more recognition than they got.

"it seemed some of us got tired on the way and had to finally realise that sometimes being an electro-pop backwards rockstar isnt for everyone."

Especially a fan of On Fire, if I didn't have CD's in three differennt places at the moment I'd be able to share the brilliant joy that jumping round to this riot of a track would induce. So you'll just have to have a listen on their MySpace. Its fuelled and driven with a spark and enegry only matched by maybe the little pocket rocket lead singer of the good old Infadels. But they won't make you cringe quite as much.

But don't be too dismayed at the split if you've not had the pleasure of coming across them before now. Hopefully the silver lining will be that they can venture off into new and ever-more exciting and creative pursuits. Plus, there will hopefully be a few MP3's of theirs up for grabs for free.

Still, it it a shame. It would be immensely interesting to get to know and fully understand what it was that led to it all. Half sociologically, half nosey bitch-ily.


jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

most unreliable band ever award goes to... haha.

jehan said...

yeh. on fire is a fucking great song though. pity it never got a vinyl release.

think they always had internal tensions. and they didn't have a guitarist for ages from mid-2006.

Mulrine said...

Bit of a shame really.

But sounds like its been coming a while.