Monday, 31 December 2007


Apologies of the sincerest kind. Although it may not seem like it I do actually love my little unknown, never-read blog, Pop Cultureddd.

But you know how it goes. Working for a horrific high street retailer at Christmas time, whilst trying to shop and acquire perfect gifts for loved-ones, over-shadowed by illness, and not to mention the dreaded University work that sits on a table, books piled to the ceiling and paper that you can no longer make sense of.

Excuses aside, I have een cajoled into some sort of Best Of 2007 malark.

But believe me it won't be pretty or conventional or make any sense whatsoever.

I hope everyone was very good and Santa adorned you all with glorious gifts. What did you get?

Rip it up tonight, Kids.


Anonymous said...

Im glad your feeling better :)

Shaun said...

how is your 2007 lists going? ive got my tracks and albums done, kinda. it was hard.

want to get a gig one done too, but ive been to so many its hard to pin point a few!

i got some cool stuff for christmas: a nintendo wii, lots of wii games, big cool sony headphones, twisted charm album, lets wrestle t-shirt, star wars t-shirt, joy division book, britpop dvd, clash dvd, socks to name just a few things.