Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Friends of, and in part made up by, the much-loved-by-all Bearsuit this sweet as sugar electro-pop cover band will make your awkward, twee Christmas compilation CD dreams come true.

An astounding cover of Joy Division, and I'm not normally one to advocate covers of this already-overly-covered song, will definately make you smile.

Keytarded - Love Will Tear Us Apart (cover version) [via their MySpace]

Sorry for the link elsewhere, but annoying computer and these kids derserve you to go add them on MySpace. Do it!


Colin said...

Oh dear me!

I'll still wish you a Merry Christmas though :)

All the best for the New Year as well!


Colin said...

It did make me smile.

And wince a little as well, being honest!

Happy Christmas and lots of luck and stuff for the coming year.


Colin said...

Er, I think I might have been a *wee* bit drunk when I left that second comment (which was obviously saying pretty much the same as the first comment... hey, at least I am consistent!)

Happy New Year, and all...