Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Charitable good deeds..

An unnamed club (hardly anonymous if you know me/the local area) that has of late been going through an awful lot of uncertainty and upheaval thus bringing it into the scrutiny of the public eye more than usual has gone and done something 'charitable'.

Shocking, I know. Music venues and charity don't often seem to mix other than hosting nights in which all the hard work is done by someone else with a gleaming soul. Yet it might strike you as an incredibly questionable charitable deed. Have they put on a special night in order to raise awareness for the multitude of good causes that strive hard to make a difference? Have they asked an bill of local acts to come and show their support in a bid to raise money through a night of music and fun to give something back to the community? Or best of all, have they decided in the month of December as a show of seasonal good will to dip into the money they turn over by packing out rooms with dancing, loyal customers and donate the suggested 10% of profit they make to charity?

No. None of these things. Or any other selfless acts of worthy praise. To truly give something back to the community they have charged club-goers 50p to go outside to smoke, which I don't know of any other club doing, and decided to give the money 'raised' to charity.

It is still great that money is going to a much deserved cause, but surely it would be better for the club to find more noble and truly altruistic ways to give than to avoid at all costs the money coming out of actual profits or requiring any organisation or hard work.

Ever admirable twenty-first century morals are here to stay.

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