Tuesday, 11 December 2007


What an absolute triumph!

"We are happy to write that in the small hours of friday morning we finished recording a new album of Absentee songs that we have provisionally called 'Spitting Feathers'."

If you are unaware of Absentee then do not worry. Just feel a little annoyed at yourself for the wasted moments of your life that their deep, deep melodies were not resonating through your mind.

Their EP Donkeystock got them noticed in 2005 for their maudling lyrics accompanied with more uplifting, warm and gentile accompaniment of jangly guitars, tickling drums and soothing harmonica.

This helped to lead them wonderfully into their debut album Schmotime which was astounding and lyrically left jaws agape. So for news of the next Absentee album due early 2008 there is something wholesome and comedically dark to look forward to, other than myself, of course. Ha.

"So, all is well and good in the Absentee camp. Mixing the record begins on Wednesday and finishes some time before Christmas. A release date shall be confirmed early next year. We feel confident that if you enjoyed our previous efforts at recording albums, this next offering should be no disapointment...it could even be the kind of record you play to a friend, spouting a drunken declaration along the lines of "life wont be the same after this", or something equally regretable."

A little taste of the band themselves:

Absentee - Truth Is Stranger Than Fishin' [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

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