Sunday, 19 September 2010

Gold Panda

There is a new centre to my universe.

Gold Panda.

I seriously cannot get enough!

I stated recently that had I not only discovered Gold Panda last week on Sound Cloud that I think the album Lucky Shiner would have been definitely one that I was eagerly anticipating. In fact, having not purchased the album myself yet, but finding a little player from which to stream it I have found myself listening to it upto 6 times a day depending on the amount of time I have to be sat at a computer.

Maybe I have gone Gold-Panda-crazy. I've heard it can happen. Maybe it just solidifies my status as a square.

Either way the man of whom I have come to form a non-real, but very real affiliation for, based primarily on this interview, produces some great awkward-techno and will be up there now with my religious-type love for The Field. There is actually a Gold Panda remix of The Field, but I am having to work myself up to something quite so momentous.

Here is Lucky Shiner..


drew said...

Liked it so much, just ordered the vinyl.

Thanks Mulrine

Mulrine said...

Oooo. I'm very jealous!

Bloody poverty.

It'll sound even more divine on vinyl!