Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Hundred In The Hands

This is great. Enjoying their sound. Not enjoying the poses.

The Hundred In The Hands.

The Hundred In The Hands - The Hundred In The Hands by Warp Records


Anonymous said...

Took your advice from about a month ago and went to see Everything Everything at King Tuts in Glasgow. They put on a very good hour long show for the princely sum of 9 quid.

Any more top tips ?

Steph Mulrine said...

Oh, someone reads my blog. Yey!

I wanted to go when they played in Newcastle. But upto my eye-balls in Uni work and employment work.

Top tips? Hmmm. I'd say Delphic or The Hundred In The Hands or Funeral Party. They are rocking my world at the moment. Plus Gold Panda and the new Chemical Brothers album.

FiL said...

Hfgthppt... Must.. stop... DANCING!! AAARGHH!! FRUG! BOOGIE! SHUFFLE!! TWIRL!!!