Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Funeral Party

Picture: What I can't have...

Post Funeral Party Leeds Festival set:

"I could go home now. I'd be happy. I could go home and not regret anything. How can anyone top that performance?"
"What about LCD Soundsystem later?"
"The only thing that could contend. I'll stay for James hitting his cowbell. Even then they'll never put on a performance like that! Funeral Party are my new favourite band!"

The performance by this band at about 2:30 in the afternoon, in a half empty tent, was the best live musical performance I have seen by a band that I didn't know much about. It blew me away. Confident. Energetic. Tight.

It very nearly moved me to buy a t-shirt based on the performance alone. But at £20 my crippling poverty won out again.

Ignore all the fucking shite comparisons that lazy and boring music journalists tell you these guys are similar to, just to make you listen to them. Take two minutes out of your own time and life to listen for yourself.

I don't care if they make it big or not. I like them. Actually, I will probably be quite upset if they hit it really big and I have to go see them in an arena type setting. Critical acclaim. They can have that. But not commercial success.

Funeral Party - Just Because


@melduff said...

I stumbled upon these guys at Leeds Festival... I was wandering past en-route to meet mates in the Alternative tent and detoured inside. I stood at the back swaying & bopping along for the rest of the set. Immense.

Mulrine said...

Absolutely awesome, wasn't it? Shame there wasn't a bigger crowd. Shame they were on so early in the day. Shame they weren't on a bigger and better stage.

Glad you enjoyed. Good taste!