Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Leeds Festival

Shaking overly-long hair to James Murphy et al.

Oh, the aftermath. It is nearly over, but it has been painful. I would like back all the sleep that I was deprived of. I slept even less than I anticipated I would. 2 hours on the first night. Excellent.

That said, it was, overall, definitely worth it. I have my gripes about the organisation, and there were a few things that are pretty shameful for such a long-running, established and seasoned festival. But when you get to see performances like that of Everything Everything, Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and Funeral Party it is made all the better!

Obviously camping was awful. It had a few amusing moments. Some boys nearby quoting Toy Story. Another boy shouting 'Ben' in a strange voice for nearly an hour. On one day someone shouting "FUCK OFF!" then a pause "I FUCKING HATE CAMPING!".. I feel your pain. Waves of cheers were an auditory delight. The bass from Picadilly Party until nearly 5am shredded my famously fragile nerves.

There were moments of sheer joy. Tears at the wonder of Arcade Fire. Elation on seeing Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) in the flesh. Literal slack-jaw gawping at the energy of Funeral Party.

I'm probably going to pick out stand out performances and blog separately about those bands. But needless to say I was very lucky and fortunate and saw some fantastic acts.

But the organisers of Leeds Festival have left a sour taste in my mouth. Over the years they has put on this event they must have learnt an awful lot of lessons. Many things were vastly improved. But in my opinion they sold the soul of the festival to reignite some lack-lustre, nostalgia-provokers. There was little effort elsewhere on the bill. They should not have named the Dance Stage as such. The sound quality on the main stage was disastrous for many of the acts. Don't even get me started on the shambles that left my best friend devastated that was the performance by Mumford and Sons. Horrible advert folk. But nevertheless, if people next to you spoke you couldn't hear the band. WTF Leeds?! £180! I fucking brought my own accommodation, you twats!


I am clean now. I still have all my personal belongings and most of my dignity. Pictures are available on my Facebook.

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