Monday, 23 August 2010

Leeds Festival

I am going to Leeds Festival. I'll probably schedule some inane posts to pop up whilst I'm there.

But I thought I'd ask if, from looking at the line-up, if anyone had any recommendations?

I'm bloody dreading camping. And having to possibly walk past the main stage on either Saturday or Sunday. And the fact that as a girl it is now a pre-requisite to have a specialised 'festival look'. And that I might be too cold. And that I'll feel old. And that someone might try and get into my tent at night. And that it might be a little bit cold. And that it might be rainy or windy. And that it'll bleed my purse dry. And that I will most likely be too cold. I'll be cold. Cold and I will cry.

But overall I am very excited.


drew said...

Mulrine, you are such a girl. Mind you fo all of the reasons you mntion I avoid festivals but am considering taking the family to Latitude next year.

Go see the Joy Formidible, they are great live.

Mulrine said...

It is highly likely that I am going to have a temper tantrum.

I am much more well-adjusted in normal life, I assure you.

Yea, I will definitely be making time to see The Joy Formidable. I like them.

k said...

ooh, um. four tet, caribou, the get up kids, and the big pink.

um, also, and looking at the weather, i'm not sure taking good clothes is the best of ideas - something waterproof possibly a bit better? Hope you have a fab time.