Sunday, 22 August 2010

Katy B

Unless you only listen to XFM and only read the Metro, you should be aware that dubstep is getting a great big bloody load of attention of late. Not least of all because, well, it's about time.

Katy B is fresh out of the BRIT School, which whilst has had a few dodgy alumni (Dane Bowers, Katie Melua and The Kooks) has helped produce some really fantastic artists (Imogen Heap and Amy Winehouse). And I think if this track by Katy B and Benga is anything to go by, she is certainly 'one to watch'. That phrase just made me gag.

Seriously, her vocals seem to wander seamlessly through cutting beats and top notch dubstep.

I love this track.

Imagine if you only listened to XFM and read The Metro... Do you think people like that really exist? They probably like sitcoms with laughter tracks too. And use the phrase "I'm not being racist but.." a lot. And don't know who Jon Snow is. I hope I never meet one.


drew said...

Sorry Mulrine what is XFM and this Metro that you speak of.

Having a bit of a problem adjusting to dub step with a full vocal track and not just samples and disjointed phrases.

It is rather good and the track was featured in the Guide in the Guardian yesterday, as was northern soul which troubled the music snob at my core.

Mulrine said...

I think this track does well the difficult job of introducing people with a narrow vision of music (probably not reading this blog) to something very exciting.

XFM is a highly commercial 'rock' radio station. The Metro is a skin-crawlingly awful free newspaper that people in big cities get. Not in my local area, no money to be had through marketing.