Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Must break tension..

Kelis — Acapella from Schmidtriy Zhopkinman on Vimeo.

I am won over.


drew said...

There is a rather good remix out in blog land of this called the "acid washed" remix.

As for the tension, I'm rather tense about whether to risk the flight to Belfast in the morning or not. I would never forgive myself if I got stranded in NI and couldn't vote tomorrow.

Mulrine said...

I shall have a look.

Oooo. Tough call. I've not had my polling card and am upset. I am hoping it is simply because I've moved recently. I'd like to see them try and stop me voting tomorrow! My nails are pretty long at the moment.

Razzle said...

I wasnt happy with this at first but it has grown on me -more like a rash than anything. Video tries too hard, its somewhere between GaGa and Nicki Minaj (ouch). Apparently she's always been a dance-head though. I feel cheap, and dirty.

Mulrine said...

All girls in music videos have to look like that now. If I did a video podcast of Pop Cultureddd I'd probably have to look like that.

I'd probably avoid the gold-paint bit.

I like a bit of techno. Famously.