Saturday, 15 May 2010

All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers

Yey! Yey! Yey!

I like it. I can't wait for the real video. She'll look awesome. I want to go and see her live. I wish my Kylie t-shirt fit me.

Any promo company that wants to send me to her concert or send me a t-shirt or give me the new album, please feel free. They would all be warmly received.

Okay, that is the last shameless greedy request from me. For now. Until I really want something else.


Steph Mulrine said...

Me and fucking YouTube are going to fall out. Fucking big style.

drew said...

Sorry Mulrine, Kylie, no!

Steph Mulrine said...

Incorrect answer, Drew.

Unknown said...

Kylie Minogue is my goddess. I am also insanely pumped for her new album release! When she tours, I will follow!

Steph Mulrine said...

Yey! Caitlin! I am in complete agreement.

Although I will probably be too poor to go. I might cry.