Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Voluntary Butler Scheme

Today was always going to require a small miracle.

Who thought I'd find it on MySpace before 10am?

The Voluntary Butler Scheme is a one-man-name kind of affair. But don't think you are going to be jipped out of a full auditory sensation. No, Rob Jones will not only hold your hand through the gorgeous sounds but he'll fill your mind with lyrics of dreaming and pining. Which, lets face it, is usually the basis for the most heartfelt lyrics that will instantly become your favourite song-that-expresses-everything-I-just-can't-quite-express-yet.

Think cute indie-pop, but lonelier.

And being totally astounding and giving there is a free mini EP. Follow the link below. It was written in a lunch break and recorded in an evening! Doesn't that just make you feel like you totally waste your time? Well, it does me. Probably because I do.

The Voluntary Butler Scheme - The Vol-Au-Vent EP [via MySpace]


Wallace said...

stef! i stalked you on the internet and found this - lovely music. the boy must be lying it only took him a lunch break though - very impressively put together....

and sorry for the bullying, i'll make you happy at some point, i will. keep rocking on the blog, who'd have thought sociology and music would complement so well?

tom b x

Colin said...

'Think cute indie-pop, but lonelier.'

That has to be the most perfectly created sentence, like, ever.

I am now his biggest fan.


Mulrine said...

Tom - you better be sorry!

~shakes fist~

Colin - He is fairly glorious. So perfectly formed sentences are what he deserves. Although, I think we may disagree on the perfected state of that sentence.

Colin said...

We can debate it over a beer sometime then. My central argument will be that it is the perfect sentence. So there. I'll provide references and everything...

Mulrine said...

Bring it on, Clark!