Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Depleted energy..

The general consensus is that I'm running myself into the ground. Very characteristic of myself, I feel. Catching this fucking awful cold is a sign of that. I don't get ill. Getting ill is for fannies.

So I thought I'd share (if it works) the song that makes me beam inside with a glorious stream of happiness.

Fucking yes!

M.I.A. - Paper Planes [via YouSendIt for 7 days]

This is dedicated first and foremost to my useless friend. May he find me a chair so I don't give quite as bad a dead arm as usual. Everything will work out. Or it better. Make it happen. I'm beginning to think I truly am cursed.

And secondly it is for my cold. Or is the soundtrack to my battle with my cold. Or something. I've lost it, haven't I? Did I ever have it?

I suppose something has got to give...


a very public sociologist said...

When I'm feeling a bit eeeungh first thing when I get in the office, I'm man enough to admit that a bit of uber camp 80s/90s gay disco gets me going again. You should try it!

Mulrine said...


I did try a bit of a rave mixtape affair earlier but was wrapped in my duvet whilst I danced. Cute, eh? Probably not.

Will try the gay disco instead.

And probably should go buy lemsips tomorrow.

David - Separated By Motorways said...

"all i wanna do is bang bang bang and kerching and take your money" love that song, definitely pretty uplifting! Cheers for the link by the way!

Mulrine said...



I text that to my best friend. In those words.

When drunk I sing that line repetitively. Glad to see someone else enjoys it too!